Spanish Participation in CoRoT

This is a short description of the activities for CoRoT that are being undertaken by researchers and industry in Spain.

Rafael Garrido (Instituto de Astrofísica de Andalucía - CSIC)
Coordinator of the Spanish CoRoT participation for science and industry.
Member of the CoRoT Scientific Committee and Co-Investigator and Principal Investigator of the Project at the IAA.

Hans Deeg (IAC)
Co-investigator and Principal Investigator of the Project at the IAC.

Roi Alonso (IAC)
Member of the Scientific Commitee.

Enrique Solano (LAEFF)

Teodoro Roca-Cortés (IAC)

Ignasi Ribas (IEEC)

Rafael Garrido, Pedro Amado, Angel Rolland, Víctor Costa, Pilar López de Coca, Ignacio Olivares, Susana Martin-Ruiz, Cristina Rodríguez and Raquel Oreiro (IAA-CSIC)
Photometric Observations and stellar classification for the central asteroseismology program.
Observations to detect stellar variability in CoRoT fields from the IAA's Sierra Nevada Observatory.

Rafael Garrido, Juan Carlos Suárez (IAA-CSIC), Andrés Moya (CAB), Ahmed Grigahcène and Antonio García Hernández (CAUP)
Preparation of numerical codes of stellar evolution and oscillations.

Rafael Garrido, Javier Pascual, Zaira Modroño, Susana Martin-Ruiz, Eloy Rodríguez (IAA-CSIC), Juan Gutiérrez-Soto (VIU)
Analysis of the CoRoT light curves.

Hans DeegRoi Alonso, Brandon Tingley and Hannu Parviainen (IAC)
Observations for field selection and stellar classification for the Central 'Exoplanets' Program.
Development of planet detection algorithms and methods, especially around binary stars.

Teodoro Roca-Cortés, Fernando Pérez Hernández and Clara Regulo (IAC)
Seismology of espectral stars similars to solar and Delta Scu types.
Preparation of numerical codes for the evolution and oscillation of stars.

Enrique Solano (LAEFF)
Development of a data base for spectroscopic and photometric data of CoRoT.

Juan Fabregat, Julia Suso (University of Valencia) and Pascual Diago Nebot (VIU)
Ground based observations and preparations for the observation of 'Be' stars.

Ignasi Ribas (University of Barcelona)
Ground observations and analysis of the CoRoT data of binary stars.

The industrial participation is coordinated by:

Rafael Vázquez (Grupo de Mecánica del Vuelo S. A., GMV)
Development of the Scientific Control Center.

Project financed by MCyT under number 1FD1997-1528-C02-01 and ESP2001-4529-PE and cofinanced by FEDER funds.
Now financed by Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación under Project AYA2010-20982-C02-01.